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The editors of USA Today, as they prepare each period, had to decide come again? To tell somebody to its “Cover Story.”

The death toll from the hurricane in Myanmar was approaching 25,000, with going on for almost a million dispossessed, and the ruling armed junta was still refusing to tolerate foreign assistance.

A Pentagon state revealed so as to going on for 43,000 medically flabby troops were sent into combat.

In vogue Philadelphia, six regulate officers were under investigation used for beating suspects. And, in Russia a recent president was inaugurated.

What the editors chose to dominate the front call out was a three-column head photo of presidential daughter Jenna plant and a story going on for her cooperative non-public reserved wedding. The no more than logic USA Today didn’t run the story on its front pages Saturday and Sunday is as it doesn’t make known on weekends. But, now going on for each other news vehicle gave the wedding arduous sport.

WhenUSA Today debuted in 1982, it was a glitzy detailed color alternative to the ordinary old newspaper. Focused in the lead an audience of travelers, and primarily accessible by airports and hotels, the five period a week newspaper, next as at the present, had stunted, quick looks by the news. “Across the USA” is a sequence of lone piece stories from each state, plus the territories, something to permit the lonely traveler know his homewards state still exists. A color weather chart informs travelers come again? To expect once they arrive by an airport a dozen states away. Extensive small business stories target middle- and upper-management workers who don’t contain the generation to read so as to day’s envelop Street Journal.

With an stress on polls, USA Today tells us come again? We think. And come again? We think is not speaking into four equal parts-News, Lifestyle, Sports, and Money. Thus, news is one-fourth of the newspaper.

Ridiculed as McPaper, but read by going on for two million relatives a period, as a rule of whom prevail on their day by day dose from vendor boxes so as to look like a box on a stage, USA Today has prearranged the agenda used for almost each newspaper in the kingdom. Following the USA Today mold, regional newspapers contain splashed color and graphics on its pages. The stories are shorter, but not necessarily tighter. And, in an era of downsizing, in which publishers who don’t cart in 20 percent a time profits are often reassigned, nearby are fewer reporters, fewer in-depth stories, fewer and narrower pages, and a greater confidence in the lead wire service stories. But, celebrity-based stories and increased fluff-what editors wrongly believe the readers want-have taken done the front pages.

USA Todaywas by no means designed to swap the regional newspaper, nor be supposed to it be a mold used for regional newspapers. It has a niche, and serves so as to niche well. But, regional newspapers contain grow to be USA Today clones. That’s why if USA Today seats a luminary wedding as its as a rule crucial subject of the period, next it’s reasonable to believe so as to the clones and believe so as to 25,000 deaths can be relegated to the inside pages.

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“Fox & Friends ripped off the Republican National Committee’s latest hit job on Hillary Clinton, building an entire segment around the GOP’s specious “Where’…

Lates Olive Mobile Price in India

The new Olive FrvrOn  is a new small light weight olive mobile in India that has a very ergonomically sound design. It comes with a curved rear paneling which makes it quite comfortable to hold and use. It comes with a Rubberized keypad which has raised portions on the keys which is actually very easy to use and it facilitates fast messaging by allowing quick typing. It’s very hard to press the 5 way navigation pad which makes navigation the interface a bit tough. It comes with a 1.5-inch TFT LCD which is very clear to view and is pleasing to the eyes.

It comes with a mini USB port at the bottom which can be used for just charging the handset and connecting the hands free that comes with the phone. The UI is not all that from any of the other lower end Java cell phones, but it’s very clear and easy to use. There is no lag when it comes to changing the screens, or accessing apps or even typing. One of the minor issue that one might face is that the users would not be be able to access some of the features of the phone like the radio when the battery is being charged by the AAA cell.

This new handset among Olive Mobiles comes with just the basic features and nothing else. It comes with a an Alarm clock, a Calculator, with Time Zone and Stopwatch. The Calendar in this phone has no options for saving any schedules or reminders but this is where the Memo application becomes very handy with its alarm feature. One of the most interesting features of this new olive mobile phone is its low power 600mAh battery that can provide just about 2 hours of talk time. So to enhance the battery life of the Olive’s FrvrOn handset it comes with the provision for a single AAA battery which allows the user to recharge the Li-ion battery using the AAA cells.

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Double dip recessions, falling home prices, mortgage foreclosures, high unemployment, tight oil supply and rising sovereign debt are today’s news. What does …

Canines Aid in Detection & Bed Bug Control New York

While known as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, cities in the world–New York City, is also the host to something not so serene: bed bugs. These yucky, nasty and nearly microscopic organisms can infest entire buildings, theaters and whole apartment complexes and homes. And they can do so pretty quickly at that. Bed bug control New York is a big deal right now, particularly after news surfaced of some places of well repute – like well known hotels and cinemas – being infested. The results were startling, and they revealed that things needed to be kept better in check. Not to mention that bed bug control New York was something that all citizens and businesses needed to keep a closer eye on.

What Are Bed Bugs?

These gnarly insects are actually called Cimicidae and are considered to be parasites. The most common of them are the Cimex Lectularius. They are blood suckers and like to feed off your blood when you are sleeping. But they don’t just stop there: any warm blooded mammal is a possible food source for bed bugs. They are generally found infesting mattresses and homes, and due to that commonality they have derived the nickname: “bed bugs.”

While it was thought that bed bug control New York had eradicated this parasite from existence in the 40s and during the early 50s, recent outbreaks of massive proportions have placed the limelight on these blood suckers. They have the ability to rapidly multiply due to a short larval gestation period, and they can live in weather as cold as 60 degrees °F. Sometimes bed bugs can lay eggs that are carried by animals, like your pets, and that detach and infest a home. Other times, infested furniture or clothing can be the culprit. They often only come out at night, making them true genuine vampire bugs.

How Canines Aid in Detection & Bed Bug Control New York

Since bed bugs are so tiny, often most people who require bed bug control New York are entirely unaware that their home is infested with them. Frequent skin rashes, however, can be a sure sign of an infestation.

One newer method of bed bug control New York involves using man’s best friend (dogs) to sniff out them out. Since inspectors can only look for signs of infestation, like dead bugs or bites on the skin, it can only be so accurate. Canines, however, have a sense of smell that is nearly unsurpassed to any other organism–one that is so keen that they can be trained to sniff out these parasites at a much higher rate of accuracy than a human inspector can.

Since bed bug infestations can rapidly get out of control and infest an entire home, it’s of great importance that you contact a bed bug control New York specialist the moment you suspect that your home has been invaded. Ensure that your inspector has a canine companion so that you can know for certain whether bed bugs are in your home, and so that you can eradicate this parasite from your house once and for all.

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Zambia Tourist Information

Zambia is shaped like a crumpled figure eight; however its borders do not correspond to any tribal or linguistic areas. Land-locked Zambia is one of Africa’s most eccentric legacies of colonialism. For many years it was overlooked by tourists due to disastrous politics and the poverty which ensued. However the situation has improved greatly since 1990 and attractions include truly wild national parks teeming with animal and birdlife, walking safaris, the spectacular Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River as well as the lively Zambian people with their traditional customs. In Zambia you will come pretty close to discovering the ‘real’ Africa of your dreams.

Zambia has 3 main seasons:

May to August (cool and dry)
Winters are pleasantly temperate and similar to Mediterranean springs: warm and sunny days with clear and cool nights. Minimal rain is received over winter months, which are the best for wildlife viewing. Daily temperatures average 23 C or 72 F with night time averages dropping to 6 C or 42 F.

September to November (hot and dry)
The build up to the rainy season.

December to April (warm and wet)
Marked by electrical storms usually in the afternoons, preceded by humid build-ups in the mornings. Thunderstorms are a true spectacle to watch. Viewing wildlife can be more difficult as the bush is thick and the animals scattered. Temperatures generally range from 25 to 35 C (76 – 94 F) except in the Luangwa and Zambezi Valley areas, which can be hotter and more humid.
Visitors should pack both warm and cold weather clothing, as well as hat, sunglasses and sun block for any visit to Zambia no matter what time of year you are visiting.

Distances & Driving

Zambia can be entered by road from Botswana, Congo (DRC), Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. All road borders are open 24 hours a day except for Chembe, Kazungula, Kariba and Chirundu, which are open from 6am to 6pm. Victoria Falls Bridge is open until 8pm. Zambia has a total road length of 38,763kms tarred roads, 8,592kms gravel roads and 21,999kms dirt roads. There are many potholes and few road signs, so all roads require great care and caution while driving. Avoid driving at night if possible as there are no road markings and potholes and animals appear when least expected. A 4×4 is strongly recommended if you’re going anywhere off the main routes.

Cars, minibuses and 4×4 vehicles can be hired at all major towns.
Seatbelts must be worn at all times and talking on handheld mobile phones is prohibited. All relevant documents are to be kept with you at all times as regular road blocks occur.

While local transfers will normally be conducted in 4×4 vehicles longer distances are often covered by light aircraft.

The local currency is the Zambian Kwacha and notes are issued in K10 000, K5 000, K1 000, K500 and K100. (See currency converter on left menu for current exchange rates)
Many hotels, restaurants and larger shops accept credit cards.
Most lodges, hotels and tourism related services charge in US$

There are a number of established banks in Zambia. Larger banks will advance local currency against credit cards. Bank hours are normally 9.00am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 9.00am to 11.30am.

All goods and services offered include VAT. VAT for goods purchased may be reclaimed at the main border posts and at Lusaka International airport.

Health risks in Zambia include: cholera, malaria, typhoid and yellow fever. Travellers are advised to seek medical advice before travelling and take the necessary medication/prophylaxis as well as carry a mosquito repellent or spray, available at a local shop or pharmacist. Tick bite fever can be a problem when walking in grass and travellers should be aware that the incidence of AIDS is high throughout Southern Africa.

Medical services in Zambia are of a reasonable standard. However the availability of services is restricted to the main towns and emergency evacuation from remote areas may attract high costs. An insurance service for tourists is available from rescue companies providing coverage for emergency transport.

Tap water is usually safe to drink in major towns and cities. However visitors should take care in rural areas and ensure that they have enough water when travelling by road. Bottled water is available, when buying bottled water, always ensure that the lid is still serrated and that it has not been tampered with.

230/240 volts 50HZ. Outlets are of the round 3-pin, 15-amp type.

Most visitors need visas, which are good for three months, plus an International Health Certificate showing proof of a yellow fever vaccination within the past 10 years.

Local Time
GMT + 2 hours

Though Zambia offers a widespread and reasonably reliable service for landlines, some lodges may be beyond the range of the network. Cell phone coverage is available but limited to major towns and cities only. The international dialling code is +260 followed by the regional code and the desired number.
Email is sporadically available and there are Internet cafs in all major towns.

Official Language
The official language is English and all documents, notices and signs are in this language.

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Hongxing Provides Crushing Service to Sweden

Our company has signed a contract with Northland Resources AB for a five-year mill lining service and inspection program for the Kaunisvaara project in northern st1:country-region w:st=’on’ Sweden. The contract complements previous project orders by Northland Resources, announced by Hongxing Machinery earlier this year. The value of the order is EUR 19 million and it will be included in Mining and Construction Technology’s second quarter 2011 orders received.

The Life-Cycle Services (LCS) program at Kaunisvaara includes both the supply and installation of mill liners and technical and maintenance support for the semi-autogenous mill on the Tapuli process line. Our on-site resources will also conduct liner inspections to maximize mill availability. The contract period will commence when installation of the Tapuli process line is completed at the end of 2012.

‘We’re pleased to have concluded this contract as it maximizes the availability of our grinding line,” says Shane Williams, Vice President, Projects, Northland Resources AB. “As this is a cost-per-tonne contract, we’ll be able to forecast expenditure over extended periods of time. It will be a very useful asset in view of the total investment involved.”

“We embrace the opportunity to partner with Northland in a five-year LCS commitment,” says Yang Fanglou, President of Services business line, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. “The speed at which operations at Kaunisvaara are progressing is impressive and we are looking forward to a rewarding working relationship with Northland Resources.”

The scope of service for the LCS program at Kaunisvaara consists of Poly-Met mill liners, liner handlers and essential tools, technical assistance including maintenance and shutdown planning, as well as monthly audits and annual inspection services for the Tapuli grinding mill.

The LCS programs deliver high levels of service by drawing on the Hongxing Group’s extensive technical expertise and vast global experience with similar operations.

Northland Resources is a development-stage mining company with a portfolio of iron ore projects in Northern Sweden and st1:country-region w:st=’on’ Finland. The company’s Kaunisvaara project will exploit magnetite iron ore deposits, feeding a single, multi-line processing facility in st1:country-region w:st=’on’ Sweden. The process yields high-grade, high-quality magnetite iron concentrate.

RedStar Machinery is a global supplier of sustainable technology, mining equipment like sand maker and Raymond mill and services for mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and the pulp and paper industries. We have about 28,500 employees in more than 50 countries. Our company uses its pioneering spirit to responsibly deliver energy to the world. This purpose transcends all of its operations. The company conducts its business to return maximum value to shareholders while utilizing a wealth of knowledge and resources from its employees and acting responsibly in all communities in which it operates.

The company conducts its business to return maximum value to shareholders while utilizing a wealth of knowledge and resources from its employees and acting responsibly in all communities in which it operates. Latest World News 24h Plz Subscrib for Latest World News The sad side of Sweden: the country which portrays a posit…

Characteristics Of Nfl Keep Fans Knowing The Lastest News

Are you a football fan? Have you ever watched NFL games on television or on the spot? If you have watched NFL games you may have found the National Football League gains a lot of attention from fans and the news media. There are a lot of latest information about the NFL no matter online, on radio or on TV. Football fans are enthusiastic about find these news to keep them in the know about the game they love so much.

With the development of technologies, people of today can find many resources to acquire latest sports news. They might rely on the news coverage that is shown on television in the sports commentaries or they might rely on their own resourcefulness to search the internet for the information that they need. Either way they choose will assure the fan that they will be in the know and have enough information to keep their loyalty fueled for a team throughout the football season.

For news media, it is much easier to keep in the know. They can contact the NFL owners, coaches and team players in

wholesale football jerseys to get some latest interesting tidbits they can pass on to fans. Some of this information can come from information that is posted for everyone to view but the sports columnist uses the artful flair of putting words on paper to make that information seem to be news breaking events that many football fans will want to read.

The news media are willing to explore the NFL coverage of games in the past to enliven fans wearing authentic NFL jerseys with tremendous articles that keep NFL action in the know whether it happened last week or ten years ago. The comparisons of statistics on a variety of levels will give fans a broad spectrum of NFL action to look at and look at it they will on many angles.

Another way for news media to be in the know is to contact with any member of a NFL team. They will spend a considerable amount of time in the locker room with the players to maintain a true feel of what happened on the gridiron that day and they will want to know what a player thinks will be the consequences of the injuries that they caused that day.

Both football fans and people involved in football news media are active about the ways let them to be kept in the know of which player has injured or which player has been made a draft player, etc. The news media are dedicate to pass all the news related to football game, football players, etc to fans all over the world who want to know this.

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Update On Venezuela Gold Mining: Eldora Gold Resources Canada News

Update on Venezuela Gold Mining: Eldora Gold Resources Canada News – Uncertainty grips expectant gold-mining communities in Venezuela. Continuing a report on the situation of gold-mining in Bolivar State and in particular on the Las Cristinas mine in Sifontes municipality, Correo del Caroni reporter, Natalie Garcia maintains that the end of the Crystallex concession has reopened the debate on the Venezuelan State’s gold-mining policies, which could be said to have failed, given current labor instability and cordons of misery south of Bolivar State.
Update on Venezuela Gold Mining: Eldora Gold Resources Canada News – VHeadline News Editor Patrick J. O’Donoghue reports: Several decades ago, the Las Cristinas was held up as the salvation of thousands of local inhabitants, who were scratching a living off illegal and wild cat mining. Las Cristinas, Garcia pointed out, has not been formally exploited for more than 20 years, even though it has around 31 million ounces of gold and proven reserves.
There is also the Brisas del Cuyuni mine formerly in the hands of Gold Reserve, which is suing the government for compensation.

The journalist (pictured right) ventures that Las Cristinas’ future looms uncertain because details have not been released about the next steps to be taken.

A proposal was launched in 2008 at a meeting of the Basic Industries & Mining (Mibam) Ministry to set up an “ALBA Gold Mining District,” consisting of three blocks to be distributed among small-to-medium socialist mining companies belonging to the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA).

Update on Venezuela Gold Mining: Eldora Gold Resources Canada News – Within the strategy, there was a social plan to invest part of the money coming from gold production, creating a warehouse center, a gold refinery and mint, and a goldsmith network under the control of mining cooperatives. Part of the plan included building a copper recovery plant because of the association between copper and gold.

Garcia raises the possibility of a 50/50 joint venture between the State and VenRus, the Russian company, currently holding the La Isidora and La Camorra concessions.

Whatever the outcome, Garcia concludes, local communities are calling for the immediate activation of mining projects and their inclusion when it comes to distributing the profits.

The main call as ever is for new job opportunities and an improvement in the local communities’ standard of living. Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Update on Venezuela Gold Mining: Eldora Gold Resources Canada News – Our editorial statement reads: Venezuela is a wholly independent e-publication promoting democracy in its fullest expression and the inalienable right of all Venezuelans to self-determination and the pursuit of sovereign independence without interference. Our stance is decidedly pro-governance (defined as being contrary to anarchy) and pro-government to the extent that we support all and any government policies aimed at consolidating and improving the living conditions and future prosperity of ALL Venezuelans, regardless of race, color or creed. We also seek to shed an international spotlight on nefarious practices and corruption which, for decades, has strangled this South American nation’s development and progress. In every respect VHeadline Venezuela’s declared editorial bias is most definitely pro-Constitutional, pro-Democracy and pro-VENEZUELA.
— Roy S. Carson, Editor/Publisher

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Reformed Dutch Church Of Claverack


The church complex is on a 17.2-acre (7.0 ha) parcel of land on the east side of Route 9H, roughly 650 feet (200 m) north of its junction with routes 23 and 23B in the center of Claverack. It is on a small rise about 75 feet (23 m) from the road, sheltered by mature trees around a paved driveway and parking lot. The surrounding area is rural to the north and residential, with large lots, to the south. In that direction, on the same side of Route 9H, is the George Felpel House, also on the Register.

There are three buildings, a garage, parsonage and the Christian Education Center, to its south. The cemetery, which takes up most of the property, is to the north with a small stone shed in the middle. All the buildings on the property except the Christian Education Center, and the cemetery, are considered contributing resources to the National Register listing.



The one-story church building is faced in brick laid in English bond on a stone foundation with steeply pitched gambrel roof with boxed cornice and long lower slopes flared at the bottom. The main block is 70 by 96 feet (21 by 29 m) with a two-stage, four-story centrally located tower on the south (front) elevation. Near the rear are two small wings on either side that serve as a transept. Both have entrances. The north has a projection for the apse. Two small exterior chimneys rise on this side.

On the south facade, the tower is joined to the main block by a three-bay pedimented gabled projecting front section. The tower’s double paneled door, and the similar doors with segmental arches flanking it on the projection, are the church’s main entrances. Its brick is laid in common bond. Three louvered round-arched openings are on each story of the south face of the tower. Openings that once existed on three sides of the fourth story have been visibly bricked over. A deep cornice supports the square belfry, where paired fluted Doric columns flanking rusticated round-arched openings support a domed roof with tall finial.

The east and west elevations have three tall rounded-arch windows apiece south of the transept wings, flanked by louvered wood blinds. The west further has the numerals “1767” above the windows, in brick painted to look like iron. The north side has two windows similar to those on the other elevations in each wing, and two small oval windows in the gable.


From the tower entrance, a vestibule with stairs up either side of the tower leads to another pair of double doors, which open into the barrel-vaulted sanctuary. It is finished primarily in white plaster on lath with simple woodwork trim. Two aisles allow access to the pews, with paneled ends, curved tops and paneled doors. Along both sides are balconies supported by decorative cast iron columns.

At the north end is the raised pulpit, in a niche between paired pilasters below a semi-circular pediment. The stairs to the choir loft have S-curved newels at either end. The wooden Gothic Revival case for the church’s original pipe organ is along the loft’s south wall.


Immediately to the southeast of the church is the Christian Education Center. It is a two-story brick building in the Colonial Revival style with a gabled roof and a small entrance wing on its southwest. While it is sympathetic to the church, it is of modern construction and therefore non-contributing.

About 400 feet (120 m) to the south, across two parking lots, is the parsonage. It is a three-bay, two-story frame house sided in vinyl with a pedimented front gable and single-bay entrance porch on the northern bay with square piers. The western two bays on the north and south have one-story gabled wings, and there is a two-story porch on the east. Brick chimneys rise from the north end of the north wing and the middle of the south elevation.

Inside, there is an open fireplace in the basement and a hand pump by the door. The interior has not been altered save for the addition of a powder room on the first floor. The exterior windows have been replaced with similarly designed modern counterparts.

To its northeast is a small frame garage with a hipped roof. It was built in the early 20th century, and is considered contributing. The only other contributing outbuilding is a small stone shed in the middle of the cemetery, 50 feet (15 m) north of the church. It, too, was built at the beginning of the 20th century.


The cemetery takes up 12.7 acres (5.1 ha) of the church’s overall property. It is mostly located to the north, but comes down to the east and west of the church. It is laid out in a grid pattern, with narrow grassy unpaved roads offering access should a vehicle be needed.

Gravestones date from the 18th century to the present, with some particularly well-executed marble headstones from the early 19th century. To the immediate north of the church are some stone vaults built into the rise.

Significant burials

Gen. Samuel Blachley Webb (17531807). Led a militia company from Wethersfield, Connecticut, that saw action at Bunker Hill. He became one of George Washington’s aides-de-camp for six months, then went into combat again, at Long Island, White Plains and Trenton, getting wounded at the latter two engagements. He was captured by the British in December 1777, exchanged a year later, and settled in Claverack after the war.

Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, (17671835). A prominent Federalist elected to nine terms in the State Assembly, serving as that body’s speaker in his last. Left that position to commanded locally raised troops which guarded New York City during the War of 1812. After the end of the war served as New York’s Secretary of State and later an influential delegate to the state’s 1821 constitutional convention.

Harriet Livingston Dale (17851826). Robert Fulton’s widow moved to England after his death. After hers, her body was returned to Claverack for burial.


The church’s history can be divided into three eras. From its founding until the years just before the Revolution, the church was a congregation in search of a permanent building. Over the next century of its existence, it developed that building from a simple brick church into the complex structure it is today. Since then it has perfected and maintained that structure.

17161767: The early years

Claverack’s church, among the first Dutch Reformed Churches organized in the Hudson Valley, began in 1716 as one preaching station on a circuit that ranged from Claverack Landing on the Hudson River (now the city of Hudson) in the west to Hillsdale in the east. In 1727 the first church was built, near what is today the First Columbia County Courthouse.

Palatine German settlers in the region began to swell the congregation’s ranks, and within four decades a new church was needed. Stephen van Rensselaer deeded the current parcel to the church in February 1767; by November of that year a local builder named Solomon Strong had completed the church and it was dedicated for use. Van Rensselaer family tradition holds that the bricks were imported from the Netherlands by Hendrick van Rensselaer; however this is unlikely as a kiln was at the time located less than a mile (1.6 km) away, and the bricks in the church match those of other local structures known to have been built of bricks baked at that kiln.

The original church was a much smaller building. It only consisted of the southernmost 30 feet (10 m) of the present structure without the projecting front pedimented gable or tower. A receipt in church records suggests there was a small wooden steeple and bell.

17681879: Growth and development

Within a decade of the new church’s construction, the congregation got its most influential pastor. At the beginning of the Revolution, John Gabriel Gebhard had fled first New York City, then Kingston following the British burning of the city in October 1777. He took refuge in Claverack and became the church’s pastor.

With the war still on, he initiated the founding and construction of Washington Seminary on the property to the south of the church in 1779. Later, it became known as Claverack College, educating Martin van Buren, Stephen Crane and Margaret Sanger before closing in 1902, by which time it was known as Hudson River Institute.

The year after the college was founded, the first change was made to the church when doors were put on the pews to help retain warmth from the foot stoves worshippers brought in the winter months. In 1810, the church installed a tin stove so that worshippers would no longer have to bring them. Six years later, in 1816, the church had begun to grow again and realized it needed more space. Expansions over the next decade added the present north section and wings onto the old church, with exits to the cemetery at the rear. Inside, the balconies, choir loft and iron columns were added, and the walls replastered. The pews were rearranged into their present layout. Finally, in 1828, the bell tower was added in memory of Gebhard, who had died the previous year after 50 years as pastor.

The parsonage was designed and built in 1844, the first significant building on the church property besides the church itself. Ten years after that, the church’s interior was redone. The north end was extended again, the floor was lowered, and walls and floors refinished. The pews were rearranged again so that they all faced the north end, and the choir loft built there (a planned gallery at that end was dropped).

In the next decade, the church’s musical needs were attended to. The first organ was installed in 1867, to be replaced by a pipe organ five years later. Seven years later, in 1879, the 1,500-pound (680 kg) bell, cast by the Meneely Bell Foundry in West Troy (now Watervliet), was installed. This is considered the last historically significant change to the church building.

1880resent: Balancing history and growth

The other two contributing buildings were added around the same time, at the turn of the next century. A garage was built for the parsonage, and a stone shed in the cemetery. Sometime in the new century, modern central heating was installed. After the closure of Claverack College in 1902, its bell was installed at the foot of the church’s driveway. It is not considered a contributing resource.

Mid-20th century actions start with the installation of electric lights, designed to look like older oil lamps with glass chimneys, in 1930. A decade later, in 1940, the organ was reconditioned. The sanctuary was carpeted in 1955. An electric toggle switch to ring the bell was installed in 1958, and a new Allen electric organ complemented it the following year.

In 1967, the church erected another building on the property, the Christian Education Center. An architecturally sympathetic building just to the southeast of the main church, it is used for the church offices and many activities, such as Sunday school and meetings, typical of a fellowship hall. A new organ was dedicated in the church in April 2000. Since then there have been no other changes to the property.

The church today

The church’s beliefs conform to the Apostles’ Creed”: “We believe in the trinity God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The lessons on which we strive to live our lives are found in the Holy Scripture the Bible, the final authority for our beliefs.” It describes its purpose as “‘to proclaim the Good News of God’s Grace’ and strive to increase the love of God in our midst and throughout the world.” It has roughly 200 members, and is part of the Columbia-Greene Synod of the Reformed Church in America’s Albany Classis. A monthly newsletter, The Fisherman, keeps congregants informed.

In addition to Sunday services and school, it offers Bible study for adults, confirmation classes and a youth group. It is a sponsoring church of Camp Fowler, a Christian summer camp in the southern Adirondacks, and hosts local meetings of community groups like the Boy and Girl Scouts as well as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Its handbell and erack. 2008. Retrieved December 15, 2009. 

^ “Helping others”. Reformed Dutch Church of Claverack. 2008. Retrieved December 15, 2009. 

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Osama?s Death: International Reaction and Newspapers

Less than 24 hours after US President Barack Obama announced the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden on Sunday night (May 1, 2011), American people in particular and the whole world in general have reacted both positively and negatively to the news of decade. In some current days, international newspaper and media all over the world are covered with news about Osama’s death, the international alliance of militant Islamist Al-Qaeda and the next generation of terrorists. Here is a quick glimpse into how countries in different parts of the world celebrate the global news.


New Delhi, India

Activists from AIATF show their warm thanks and supports to US President Barack Obama on May 3.


Karachi, Pakistan

A Pakistan man is reading the English-language newspaper about the death of Osama bin Laden


Nairobi, Kenya

People in Nairobi, Kenya are also interested in the death of Osama bin Laden


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The front pages of Arabic-language newspapers all report the same news. Osama Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia in 1957.


Hong Kong, China

A downtown street corner vendor is selling newspapers


Denpasar, Bali

A newspaper seller in Indonesia shows an article with title “Watchout the retaliation” at The Ground Zero Monument in Bali.


Membia, India

In India, information about Osama bin Laden is presented on the front pages of all newspaper.


Kabul, Afghanistan

A man is watching news about the death of the Al-Qaeda leader. Osama Bin Laden had hidden in Afghanistan for a long time.


Nairobi, Kenya

Douglas Sidialo, who became blind in the bombing in US embassy in Nairobi in 1998, is praying for the victims.


Baghdad, Iraq

Local people in Baghdad, Iraq are watching image of Osama’s body on Arabic satellite news channel Al-Arabiya


Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China

In Jiangsu province, China, a shop keeper wearing mask of Bin Laden is taking picture with a man wearing mask of Obama.


Berlin, Germany

German newspaper is flooded with news about Osama bin Laden’s death on May 3, 2011



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Foreign News Online

There was a time, not very long ago when news available to people was limited to local news. News of national importance was hard to come by. People would spend hours discussing the small amounts of news available to them. Getting world news or breaking news was impossible since technology had not made the kind of leaps it has made today. So news reached them with a lag that could vary from a day to a week depending on the kind of news and on where they lived.
But today’s world is completely driven by technology. The way in which news is captured and the way in which it is documented , transmitted and finally packaged and delivered to the consumer has changed by leaps and bounds. The advent of innovative technologies and high competition among news channels has made it easy to get breaking news easily. New media like the World Wide Web has added additional dimensions to the media circus. Now not only can one get the news delivered in many ways (newspaper, TV, radio, internet, mobile phone etc) there are also huge amounts of customization available on when it should be delivered. This is possible most from interactive electronic media. You can get your TV to record your favorite world news channels all day and deliver the news to you when you switch on the recorded media. Or you can get snippets of foreign news captured based on your interests and delivered to your e-mail id once or more number of times a day from one or multiple sources. Or if you wish you can also access this news on your mobile –on the go. The amount of information available is as mind boggling as is the number of ways in which it can be accessed.
So if you are a sports freak and want world news on sports you can have it served to you. If you are into foreign news on international celebrities –it’s yours for the asking. And if you are an investor and dabble with international stocks, then world news on stock movements can be accessed in more ways than one. For the politically minded, local and foreign news about political parties and their alliances can also be accessed from multiple sources based on your convenience and fancy. Breaking news has become fairly important to all international media, more so because today there is no hassle in reaching the news to consumers almost as it happens-as long as the media can cover it. So foreign news on any calamity, any awards won in the entertainment arena, any games won in the sports world etc are available at the push of a button.

Foreign News for a digital age.

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